Super Walmart Grasspave2 Install

Walmart Parking Lot Uses Grasspave2

How did this Super Walmart in North Conway, NH green up its parking lot? With a nifty design of Grasspave2 as an overflow parking area surrounding its day-to-day asphalt parking. Grasspave2 can be used as parking in the peak shopping season and provide year-round stormwater relief. View the project, here...



Sky Lounge Glass in Gravelpave2

Sky Lounge Gravelpave2 Project Profile

Last month, you may have viewed the website of Landscape Architect Roberto Rovira and this month we have additional photos and more info regarding this beautiful project. The Sky Lounge glass filled Gravelpave2 project deserves a second look. View the project profile here...



Middle EastExpansion Into The Middle East

Have a project in the Middle East? Thanks to our partnership with A S & R Consultants, we now have product representation in Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, and Turkey.

Need to purchase or get technical help somewhere else, please visit our sales and service page to find your local representative.



Thank you

Thank You For 2014!

Thanks to you, 2014 was a great year for our products and our industry. With Terratme2's launch, we saw the best response to any product introduction in our history. We are humbled and grateful for our customers, our business partners, and our staff.






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